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Sébastien BatteurWeb / Mobil Developer

A Talented IT Developer open to emerging technology

Integrate a dynamic and cohesive communication which is clear or can be put into practice its full potential.

  • Birthdate : 02/09/1983
  • Phone : + 32 498 69 71 00
  • Website :
  • Adresse : Bruxelles, Belgium


I am a software developer primarily focused on web and mobile with over 10 years of IT experience. I am looking for a position that leverages my application development, project analysis and interpersonal skills in an environment that encourages innovative thinking, rewards loyalty and supports career development. I have a strong desire to work for a growing company that aspires to be an industry leaders with possible interest in expanding its global presence.

My Employment

Sep14 - Now

Multimedia Application Developer & Project manager – Inspiro Vision SPRL (Brussels)

  • Monitored and managed web project.
  • Developed the website of with Symfony2 / Mysql.
  • Developed a two-way real-time synchronization with SOAP web services for the
  • Developed a complete Dolibarr ERP & CMS module and customized its functionality.
  • Developed a RESTful web service for PDF generation in synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Installed and configured LAMP servers and GitLabs serveur.
  • Technology used : PHP Framework (Symfony2, CodeIgniter), MySQL, Dolibarr, web service(SOAP, RESTful), Git
  • Work environment : Linux (SentOS), Windows (8, Server 2012)


Developer Front-End – TappCTRL SA (Brussels)

  • Developed the web manager of the mobile solution of TappCTRL.
  • Participated in project development.
  • Implemented the new design for the web-manager.
  • Developed an interface with services of Atlassian JIRA for the support section.
  • Dveloped and integraded event tracking web-manager to transfer data to Google Analytics
  • Technology used : PHP5 (CodeIgniter), HTML5, JQuery, SQLite, MySQL, SVN
  • Work environment : Linux (Gentoo, Debian), Mac OSX

2012 - 2015

Developer Java/Android – Rollers-coquillages (Paris)

  • Developed location-based applications client / server to locate the position of Paris Sunday hiking association ( Google play : id=be.batteur.buloid).
  • Developed Rest server with Zend framework.
  • Developed new website (WordPress).
  • Technology used: Java, SQLite, XML, OpenStreetMap, PHP5(obj, Zend), MySQL


Analyst programmer and Administrator Systems and Networks – MSF France (Paris)

  • Managed IT tools for logistic stock and equipment follow-up (40 million €);
  • Identified IT problems and proposed solutions;
  • Implemented data storage system (including security) for the French mission; (NAS : Synoglogy).
  • Supervised and trained staff on IT issues (200 employees and field missions MSF-Fr);
  • Implemented and monitored IT projects (data migration and deployment) and check network equipment for field
  • Technology used: Access, VB, XUL, SQLite
  • Work environment:. Windows, Linux et Android


Analyst programmer et administrator System – The Great Circle (Brussels)

  • Developed a web application for the calculation of the best maritime routes depending on weather.
  • Technology used: Bash, C, C++, PHP5(obj)/MySQL, javascript, OpenLayers, Jquery, Apache
  • Work environment: Linux (Ubuntu server)


IT Training Manager – University à Port-au-Prince (Haïti)

  • Managed over 200 students with a team of ten teacher in three classrooms.
  • Taught computer Science (C/C++, Oracle 10g, Linux, web programming,... ).
  • Led computer equipment support team.
  • Managed network (Windows, Linux, Vmware) and Associate Dean of FSI.
  • Validated and optimized of websites before putting into production.


Analyst programmer – RTL Group (Brussels)

  • Analyzed, developed and implemented IT advertising and sales projects Technology used
  • PowerBuilder, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase, DB2


IT Support – CPL Managed Services (Ireland)

Computer technical support for the company "Total" in any world with + / -30 calls per day.


Analyst programmer – It-Optics (Mons)

  • Analysed and developed a supplementary module for the IT hardware system.
  • Technology used: C++, PHP4 – 5(obj), MySQL, SOAP
  • Work environment: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) et Windows

My Education


Bachelor in IT Management – HELHA (ex IRAM)

pass with distinction Training in IT accounting and project management


Industrial Engineering – HELHA (ex ISIC)

1st and 2nd year


Technical Secondary School,

Electromechanical transition

Programming Skills

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JQuery

  • Android

  • C/C++

  • Java

Framework Skills

  • Symfony2

  • CodeIgniter

  • Zend 2

API Skills

  • Open Street Map

  • Goolge Map v3

  • Google analytics (embedded)

  • Atlassian JIRA

Tools Skills

  • Eclipse

  • PHPStorm

  • Git

  • SVN

  • DreamWeaver

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Gimp

Language Skills

  • French

  • English

  • Dutch

  • Haitian Creole

Personal Skills

  • Autodidact
  • Good time management and stress
  • Efficient
  • Pedagogue
  • Pointed

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